Jun 13, 2011

Zoe Alika

So, it's been awhile since my last post... many things have been keeping me busy (in a good way)... ;) Zoe is my biggest time-consumer as many of you could have guessed. lol

But here is the story of her birth:

On May 2nd, at 12:15am (a week and 5 days before her due date), Crystal's water broke and contractions started 15 minutes later. By 4:15am, we called the midwives saying the contractions were 4-5 minutes apart. Upon arrival, she checked Crystal and discovered her to be 9cm dilated already. "Well! I'm glad you DID come in!" she exclaimed. A mere 15 minutes later, Crystal began pushing...but after a half an hour, the midwife noticed the supposed "head" pooped--Zoe was in breech position so Jaron drove the vehicle to the hospital with Crystal on all four in the back seat. Only 5 minutes later we arrived at the Reading Hospital. The doctor checked Crystal but explained that she was too far along for a c-section to be done and that pushing through was her only option. Half an hour later Zoe Alika made her grand entrance! God blessed us completely with a safe delivery (though not quite what any of us had planned for) and a healthy, beautiful red-headed daughter! We praise God for His Faithfulness!

Some selected pics of her and our family...:)

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